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Fighting Back!
by: Randy Stafford
Copyright 2005 Randy Stafford

I’m not going to accept any “FACTS” from doctors. Boy, was that a harsh statement. What a way to start an article. I was just diagnosed with advance stages of Arthritis in my lower back. Both shoulders has bursitis in them and I’m only 47 years old. I was told that there is no cure. I was also told that my lower back is bone on bone.

How depressing is that? Well, I am not going to take it lying down.

I did what most Americans do. I went to another Doctor. I got another MRI and sure enough, this Doctor confirmed the first doctors prognosis. What’s more, these Docs really have no sympathy any more. They come right in and tell you straight out that you may be crippled in a few years. One doctor suggested that I seek some counceling, pain management therapy, and possibly look for a new career.

What does he know? He doesn’t even know what career I’m in. The only thing I do is sit at this computer all day. That is probably what is wrong with me in the first place.

Let’s face reality. If you don’t move, your going to get old faster. It’s common sense. I may have arthritis. I do not accept there is no cure. I don't accept the ideal that I can't do something about it.

I am sure most people believe that KT (Kevin) is a scam artist. I only gave his initials because I am not wanting to thrash anyone. However, you can figure out who I am talking about. My point is, some of the things he mentions in his book is exactly what I believe.

Drugs do poison us. I also believe that Doctors don’t really care about curing people.

I will give you a short example. I have a problem with the word “NORMAL”. When I was 17 years old, I was hot tempered and high strung. I had a severe nervous problem which later was found to be anxiety.

I wanted to join the Air Force so I had to pass a physical. I was in perfect health except, I had high blood pressure. Hmmm. Every time the doctors took my blood pressure it got higher.

I didn’t get to go to the Air Force. I kept this blood pressure problem to myself though. I felt fine. 2 years later, I decided to join the Marine Corps. Same thing happened. This time, I told the nurse that if they let me go eat something I could calm down a little, then the blood pressure would be what they consider “NORMAL”.

It was and I did go into the Marine Corp.

If you ever mention “White Coat Hypertension” to a doctor, most of them will laugh at you. It doesn’t matter. After I got out of the Marine Corp, I went to work for a company as a truck driver with stipulations that my blood pressure had to be “NORMAL”. Normal was considered below 90 on the diastolic side as far as most were concerned. I won’t go into it here. Oh, yeah, I flunked.

I decided to let these “one time pressure taking idiots” give me a prescription and start the poisoning procedure at the ripe old age of 21.

Doctors don’t talk to you. They rely on those stupid instruments. They forget there is a real person on the other end of that instrument.

“Hey, I’m up here. I know why I am having high blood pressure right now. It’ll go down when I leave.”

They are not going to believe that. One doctor told me that he aught to take me over to the hospital and show me a guy that is in a stroke just to show me what I am facing.

“Okay, I’ll take the poison. How do you know that it isn’t my head causing the blood pressure problems?” “How come when I go home it’s always NORMAL?” They don’t have time to listen to you. They have to many patients waiting in the “Chute”.

So from 1979 to 1987, I took 160 mgs of inderol (maybe misspelled), 80 mg of enderide, and 80 mgs of elevil at night. They tell me this is a leathal dose. (they meaning doctors)

We won’t even mention that pill that I had to take to perform my sexual duties since side affects do happen. Have you ever known a doctor to stop pills.

Oh, was the doctor MAD. I had one doctor tell me that it was stupid but he checked me after the withdrawals and found that all those years, he felt as if I was not being treated for what caused the blood pressure problem. He stated then I had anxiety problems.

He wanted to give me something for that. He did for a while but I slowly quit taking them too. I believed anxiety could be controlled. I did control it once I understood it.

In 1987, I dropped all those pills at once. I had to take physicals for Halliburton every 2 years anyway and they never told me I had high blood pressure after 1987.

In 2002, I finally was place on blood pressure pills again, but I lost a little weight and the doctor took me off of them after I told him I quit them 2 months prior. My blood pressure is running at 124/65. Not bad for a guy at 47. I just had to learn to control my temper, and anxiety.

All in all, I can’t trust doctors to take ONE BLOOD PRESSURE READING, and tell me that they know me. I haven’t ever spent more than 4 or 5 minutes talking to any doctor in my life. Then, it’s usually 6 weeks before I see them again.

If they did not write my NAME down, then how would they know anything. I could literally write a book on the word “NORMAL”. I don’t know what it is but when they gave me those stupid blood pressure pills, my blood pressure may have been called “normal” but what about the things I considered Normal.

I lost a Marriage because of one thing that wasn’t NORMAL.
Yep, divorce in 1987. Figure that one out.

The medical field is really going down hill in my opinion. Maybe it’s always been like that. To finish my story here, can you imagine a doctor telling your mother to start smoking after they take one lung out. Yes sir. Around 1960, my mother had her lung taken out due to the San Juan Valley Fever.

Some doctor told her that she should start smoking to build the other lung up. Why not? Cigarettes are natural. BS.

That is one of the many reasons my mother died at the ripe old age of 50. You should have seen all the pills she took every morning. Doctors and pharmacist LOVED her.

Wait till my next story. You’ll love it. Remember that machine that Kevin T states found his heart problem in just a few minutes. I seen that same thing on Star Trek 20 years or more ago. HeHe! You can read about it in the first chapter of his book.

I am not bitter, I am happy to be alive. There are a lot of people worse off than I am. God has always taken care of me. I have always relied on him as the major healer. He can heal everyone.

About the author:
Randall Stafford has been on the internet since 1994. He has written several articles on business, marketing, and health and his site is located at

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