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A Manís Embarrassing Question: What Do I Do about Impotence?
by: Peter Lenkefi
A manís inability to perform a sexual act can be debilitating to his mental health. It is also one of the most commonly experienced health concerns by a man. Almost every man, at some point in time in his life will complain of this health ailment, unfortunately. The cycle of erectile dysfunction can spiral quickly downwards into a frustrating and emotional situation for both the man, and any relationship he is pursuing.

There are three stages to the erection process in a man; any of these three stages can host physical or emotional health problems that create a dysfunction.

At the first stage, which is arousal, a man receives stimulation from only his thoughts and/or senses. During the second stage, a manís brain is talking to the arousal function, telling the body to increase blood flow to the penis. At the final, third stage, the blood vessels of the penis enlarge, allowing more blood to flow through and therefore an erection to occur. If anything inhibits, disrupts or confuses any of these processes, erectile dysfunction may ensue.

A Manís Health: The Facts about Erectile Dysfunction
A man is more likely to ask for help about his health problems than a woman is;
At times the resolution of the problem can be as simple as contraception, communication, reassurance and information sharing;
It affects almost every man at some point in time in his life, no matter what his health status;
Almost one third of a manís partners will also have a sexual, or health, dysfunction;

A Manís Health: The Physical Causes of Erectile Dysfunction
There are quite a few physical reasons why a man may be having health problems surrounding his erectile functions. They include: effects from surgery, trauma to the penis or testicles, diseases or conditions (such as diabetes, flu, renal failure, Parkinsonís disease, etc.), drug abuse, medications (such as antidepressants, high blood pressure medications, etc.), smoking, hormonal imbalances, too much alcohol intake, and the aging process.

A Manís Health: The Psychological Causes of Erectile Dysfunction
If all of the physical health reasons for a man not to have normal erectile function have been covered, then the psychological reasons are closely looked at next. These could include: lowered sexual desire, depression, mental fatigue, stress, guilt, problems with the relationship, lack of interest in sex from their partner or anxiety disorders.

A Manís Health: Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction
The best way to treat a manís problem with his health is to first discuss the issues with your doctor, and then with your partner. Both are important in determining not only the causes of the problem, but appropriate treatments as well. Some treatments used regularly are: counseling, intracavernosal drugs (such as prostaglandin E.), education/advice, drugs (such as Sildenafil), vacuum devices, prosthetics, or surgery.

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