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Smooth Refreshing Smoothies
by: Donna Monday
More people today are discovering the healthy benefits of drinking a delicious, refreshing smoothie for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Instead of soda pop at your next meal or diet cola, consider whipping up a smoothie made with fresh fruit, yogurt, skim milk or juice.

Smoothies will give you a real energy boost and are healthier for you than cola or soda.

Online you will find recipes for popular smoothies like: banana smoothie, blueberry smoothie, chocolate smoothie, jello smoothie, mango smoothie, peanut butter smoothie, strawberry smoothie, tofu smoothie, and tropical smoothie.

Here is a sample of the kinds of smoothie recipes you will see:

Banana Creamsicle Smoothie – with bananas and orange juice

Blueberry Pineapple Smoothie – with blueberries and pineapple orange juice

Chocolate Raspberry Smoothie – with raspberries and chocolate syrup

Virgin Margarita Smoothie – with lime jello and pineapple

Mango Smoothie – with fresh peaches and mango chunks

Classic Peanut Butter Smoothie – with bananas and creamy peanut butter

Strawberry Pear and Peach Smoothie – with fresh strawberries, peaches and pears

Honey Tofu Smoothie – with bananas, tofu and honey

Hawaiian Holiday Smoothie – with peach mango tofu and pineapple

You can find these refreshing smoothie recipes and more with just the click of your mouse. Soon you’ll be enjoying the wonderful health benefits of drinking these delicious nutritious smoothies.

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